Intelligent lighting

Various control methods: Large screen control, APP control, entity switch control, group control, multi-control and scene setting

Reliable: In the failure of network,WiFi network and gateway, the entity switch can be controlled

Reform:No need to change the existing light source, and using the wireless switch save the line-laying cost

Grant authorization:Enterprise background permission settings, each employee can control their lighting, automatic clearance after leaving the office

Intelligent network

Wired:Fiber to the desktop, no bottlenecks in the network

Wireless: Full Gigabit 5GWIfi, high concurrent support

Secure: support enterprise-level security certification 802.1X protocol

Intelligent: abroad acceleration, application acceleration

Intelligent energy saving

AC:  Support mainstream brands of water cooling central air conditioning and Fluorine cooling central air conditioning

Appliances: The normal appliances such as water fountain, water purifier and coffee machine can be controlled by the intelligent socket

Infra-red:The infrared remote control electric appliance can be controlled by the infrared gateway

Energy saving: The lighting and electrical appliances can be closed after personnel left with the help of attendance and human body induction and WiFi induction

Intelligent entrance guard

Control: Support opening the door by Mobile scanning code, face recognition and voice recognition

Reform:It reduces costs being compatible with all common electromagnetic door locks and equipped with the controller

Jurisdiction:Enterprise background permission setting. The log can be recorded in detail with automatic cancellation after dimission

Security: In the failure of the Internet,WiFi network and gateway, the entity switch can be  still controlled

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